Top 5 Best Manual Can Opener: Editor Recommended

The 10 Best Manual Can Opener Reviews:

1. KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener

KitchenAid Classic Multifunction Can Opener

The KitchenAid can opener is an essential gadget for any kitchen. The can opener’s large, easy-to-turn knob makes opening cans an easy task. The can opener features a sharp, 420 J2 stainless steel cutting wheel and an integrated bottle opener built into the head. This can opener is durable and comes with ergonomic handles to provide a sure grip when in use.

It has glossy ABS handles, ABS satin chrome plated bolsters and endcaps, as well as an ABS satin chrome plated badge. Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent, Rinse and dry immediately. One year hassle-free replacement and lifetime limited.

Highlighted Features:

  • The KitchenAid can opener is made from strong 420 J2 stainless steel that is designed to easily puncture and open all types of cans and bottles
  • An integrated bottle opener is built into the head of the can opener
  • The can opener’s large, easy-to-turn knob makes opening cans an easy task
  • This can opener is durable and designed with ergonomic handles to provide a sure grip
  • Hand wash with warm water and a mild detergent. Rinse and dry immediately.

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2. OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener

OXO International Soft Handle Can Opener The sharp cutting wheel is made of stainless steel and the handles are big and cushioned. This opener comes with a built in bottle cap opener. Model: 28081 Material: Stainless steel Color: Black handle Built in bottle cap opener Oversized knob Sharp cutting wheel Works on any size lid Height: 2″ Width: 3″ Length: 7″ 375373. Hand Wash only.

Highlighted Features:

  • Large, comfortable handles take the pain out of opening cans
  • Features big, cushioned handles for a non slip grip, even when wet
  • Oversized knob turns easily to take the hard work out of opening cans
  • Sharp cutting wheel is made of sturdy stainless steel
  • Includes a built in bottle opener
  • Hand Wash only

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3. Zyliss – 20362 ZYLISS Lock N’ Lift 7″ Manual Handheld Can Opener

Zyliss - 20362 ZYLISS Lock N' Lift 7

Since 1951, Zyliss has been creating kitchen tools and gadgets to meet the growing need of consumers worldwide. Behind every Zyliss kitchen tool is the “design to delight” principle. The belief is that all Zyliss products should not only do a brilliant job, simply and efficiently, but also make customers smile every time they use them.

With over 70 years of experience in designing quality food preparation tools and gadgets, it is easy to see how Zyliss has become an internationally respected brand which is favored by everyday cooks as well as gourmet chefs.

Highlighted Features:

  • Locking mechanism securely locks cutting wheel in place to ensure a consistent cut and reduced strain on hands
  • Smooth & easy turning handle is made of a soft-touch design and helps eliminate hand fatigue for easier use
  • Durable cutting mechanism is made from a high-grade, sharpened stainless steel Wheel to puncture cans easily
  • Built-in magnet helps you lift the lid off the can for hands free disposal once finished opening
  • Modern design fits well with all kitchen styles and is more comfortable than traditional clunky openers

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4. Gorilla Grip Manual Can Opener

Gorilla Grip Manual Can Opener

Easy To Use features an oversized, comfortable and ergonomic turn knob that allows you to easily open the can with little effort, made from slip resistant silicone for a better grip, easy to clean by simply hand wash with warm water and soap, and dry promptly, do not put in dishwasher

Highlighted Features:

  • Strong and Powerful: finally, a more powerful can opener; sharp and durable 100 percent stainless steel cutting wheel will easily puncture all types of cans
  • Smooth Edging: easily latches to the lip of your cans and locks securely in place to help provide a clean, smooth continuous cut; no more jagged edges
  • Comfortable Grip: 2 ergonomic handles for a more comfortable experience; handles are made from soft silicone to provide you with a cushioned grip; plus, they are extra large to absorb more pressure and tension so you can open the can with ease
  • Bottle Opener: built-in bottle opener so you can easily pop open your favorite beverages with ease and save space in your drawers

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5. Can Opener Handheld, Can Opener

Can Opener Handheld, Can Opener

2X stronger built-in magnet lid lifter Premium stainless steel blade Rust-proof electroplated coating Soft rubber handles Large labor-saving turn knob. Flexible gear and sharp blade plus large handles, making each puncture and turn easier and effort-less. Strong built-in magnet lid lift is a clever design to help you lif the lid with ease! No need to use fingers any more. Electroplated coating surface is rust-proof and easy to clean. rinse in the water, do not put into dishwasher.

The metal part is electroplate coated with rust-proof material. it’s durable that not easy to break. Sharp blade and flexible gear perfectly cooperate with each other, making each turn smooth and cutting the lid within one try, without leaving a jagged edge on the inside of the can. So don’t worry that you may cut by the sharp edge when scooping food from the can.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sick of lifting the lid by your fingers? Scared of cutting your fingers by the lid? No worry, let the can opener with magnet figured it out for you! After opening the can, simply use the magnet to catch the lid and throw it into the trash, then a perfect job is done. (Use two fingers to press the lid down if needed, do not touch the edge of the lid).
  • Both of the handles and turn knob are covered with soft rubber-plastic, which feels very comfortable when holding in hand. It will never slip even if your hand is wet or oiled. The turn knob is large enough to fit your fingers and easy to turn without much effort. Suitable for seniors, women, and people with arthritis.
  • It’s not just a can opener, but also bonus a bottle opener. Plus, the built-in magnet can not only use to lift the lid, but serves as a storing tool by sticking on to the fridge. It’s suitable for opening cans in any shape/type/size, just buy it with confidence!
  • If any problem with our can opener, please don’t rush to say No, just reach out to us through Amazon( Click the seller’s name under the “buy now” button), we will help you fix them up

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6. Chef Craft Classic Can Opener

Chef Craft Classic Can Opener

This can opener will bring you back to the good old days when opening a can didn’t require electricity. Its simple design makes this your one stop tool. It’s great for camping and traveling, but also is great for everyday use and it won’t take up too much space in your drawers. It is constructed of nickel plated steel for long lasting durability. Dishwasher safe for an easy clean up.

Highlighted Features:

  • Can tapper is included on the handle, making this your one stop can tool
  • 6 1/2 inch length makes this can opener small and easy to store in any drawer
  • Constructed of nickel plated steel for long lasting durability
  • Easy to use, manual design makes this opener great for camping
  • Dishwasher safe for an easy clean up

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7. Farberware Professional Can Bottle Opener

Farberware Professional Can Bottle Opener

The Farberware Professional 2 Can Opener, Black has ergonomically shaped handles that provide a comfortable and solid grip during use. This device features a stainless steel cutting blade for opening cans of all sizes. It has a high-quality polished chrome head. To wash this item, wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry immediately, do not immerse directly in water

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily opens all size cans
  • Sharp stainless steel cutting wheel
  • High quality polished chrome head
  • Durable, easy-to-turn knob
  • Includes built-in bottle opener

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8. Can Opener Handheld, Manual Can Opener

Can Opener Handheld, Manual Can Opener

Buying a can opener that is right for you is not an easy task. Chances are you already own one or maybe even a few of these gadgets. Some of them have ended up in the trash because they didn’t work. Some of your openers got pushed far away in the drawer because they were difficult to use and caused frustration.

So you need a new can opener now. And this time you are determined to get a handy device that is functional, pleasant to use and, hopefully, will last for decades.

In order for you to end up with a perfect tool, the Bxlive can opener are rated as good quality because they are of stable construction and are made of stainless steel. As with many other kitchen aids, safety is also one of the most important aspects of Bxlive Can Openers.

Bxlive can openers do not leave any sharp edges on the lid or on the can itself. They also do not release metal shavings. Besides, high-quality models ensure a safe opening process without slipping. Design and handling play another important role. Bxlive can openers are grippy and lie well in the hand. And easy to maintain.

Highlighted Features:

  • Bxlive manual can opener able to open a can quickly. A simple request, but there are lots of can openers on the market that cannot do that. Open cans, pry lids, open bottle cap. Manual can opener sharp cutting disc effortlessly cut a variety of cans. A must-have can openers handheld for home kitchens, restaurants, camping, barbecue parties, and outdoor picnics.
  • Bxlive manual can opener with easy steps. Well made, does not have a flimsy feel. Bxlive can openers are handheld – comfortable to hold. Our can opener also is able to grip cans securely. Good-grip handles with a large sturdy knob for easy turning without hurting your fingers – fits your palm comfortably and allows kids, women and seniors to cut cans easily. Bxlive can opener is for seniors with arthritis.
  • Bxlive can opener cutting mechanism is made of food-grade stainless steel. Our can opener has a cutting wheel that does not touch the food. You don’t want to end up with rust particles in your food, do you?
  • Bxlive can opener stainless steel blade won’t rust or break in daily use for years. Bxlive can openers gear-driven cutting wheels and sharp blades are sturdy. Easy to maintain. After using can openers, put in the dishwasher or rinse off with water and air dry. Dry place ensures can opener stainless and long term use.
  • In order not to buy a new can opener every year, you can return it at any time if you are not happy with the product.

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9. EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener

The EZ-DUZ-IT deluxe hand-held, gear driven can opener is a heavy duty swing design can opener. It is made of heavy gauge steel and features chrome plated carbon steel handles and crank with a hardened and sharped carbon steel cutter. The can opener’s gear driven design allows for a smooth, easy operation. The EZ-DUZ-IT is built to last. It measures 7.25-inches in length. Wash by hand with warm, soapy water. Made in USA.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heavy duty swing design can opener; made of heavy gauge chromed steel
  • Features carbon steel cutting blade and thick rubberized deluxe handles for easy grip
  • Gear driven design allows for smooth, easy operation
  • Made in the USA
  • Wash by hand with warm soapy water

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10. OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

By cutting on the side of the can below the edge, the Smooth Edge Can Opener leaves no sharp edges on the can or lid. The sharp, hardened stainless steel cutting wheel stays clean, avoiding contact with can contents, while the lid pliers allow for no-touch lid removal.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easily opens cans without creating sharp edges on can or lid
  • Oversized side-wind mechanism moves smoothly
  • Soft-grip knob and non-slip handles
  • Sharp stainless steel cutting wheel doesn’t touch can contents
  • Built-in pliers allow for contact-free lid removal
  • Hand-wash recommended
  • Included Components: Cooks’ Tools; Can Openers; Can Openers

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