Top 5 Best Led Light Bulbs: Editor Recommended

The 10 Best Led Light Bulbs Reviews:

1. SYLVANIA LED A19 Light Bulb


SYLVANIA provides a complete portfolio of LED products that deliver everyday value without compromising performance. LED Light bulbs are long-lasting way to replace your traditional bulbs while saving both money and energy.

With SYLVANIA LED bulbs, light is always 80+ CRI for better color rendition, making greens, reds, and blues in your home appear more accurately. Some lighting emits UV rays which can fade clothing and artwork. With SYLVANIA LED bulbs, there is no UV or IR radiation. These bulbs are environmentally preferable and contain no mercury.

Different types of light bulbs use different amounts of energy. They also last different amounts of time before they typically need to be replaced. By knowing which uses Watt, pun intended, and how long they can be expected to last, you can decide which is best for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • These LED lamps make an energy-efficient replacement and substitute for standard 60 watt incandescent lamps. At 9 watts, each bulb emits the bright light output of 750 Lumens
  • These bulbs are a great energy-saving replacement for old incandescent bulbs because each lamp has a total lifespan of up to 7,700 hours
  • These LED light bulbs require less energy and can save money on your energy bill. Each soft white light bulb works as a great replacement for old 60 watt incandescent bulbs
  • Lasts up to 7 years

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2. LEDVANCE 79704 Value LED Light Bulb

LEDVANCE 79704 Value LED Light Bulb

Contractor series LED a19 lamp. 120 Volts, 11, 000 hours average life. 80 CRI. Uv and IR free, mercury and lead free. No warm-up time, instant-on with full light output and stable color. For indoor environments. Not intended for use with dimmers. Rohs Compliant, cetlus listed.

Replace your old incandescent bulbs with the Sylvania 8.5W LED a19 bulbs This bulbs has an extremely long lifespan of 11, 000 hours so you won’t be changing this bulbs anytime soon. Using an efficient 9 watts, this bulbs produces 800 lumens of bright light. Operating Temperature (°C) : -20 to +45.

Highlighted Features:

  • Great value – 4 LED bulbs with 800 lumens of light output at only 8.5 watts. Replace your old incandescent bulbsfor a brighter and more energy-friendly home
  • Long-lasting – these bulbs are a great energy-saving replacement for incandescent bulbsbecause they have a lifespan of up to 11,000 hours You won’t need to constantly change your light bulbs any more
  • Energy-saving – LED light bulbs require less energy and can save you money on your energy bill This bright white bulbs works as a great replacement for old 60W incandescent bulbs

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3. RGB LED Light Bulb, Color Changing Light Bulb

RGB LED Light Bulb, Color Changing Light Bulb

High quality standards and friendly customer services: 2-year-warranty and 90-day-refund guarantee. If you have any question or get defective lights, please contact us customer service center, we will give the solution within 12 hours. When we use flash and smooth modes, the rhythm of the color changing of the bulb can always be consistent. Note: One remote control can control all bulbs.

LED RGB with remote control, colour-changing lights, brightness adjustment and 270-degree light bulb. 12 top favourite colour with Flash and Smooth modes. Flash mode and Smooth mode gives you a stage effect when enjoy concert or stage performances. Then the light would turn on and off automatically every day, which changes our lives and makes life more convenient.

The light has brightness that equivalent to 100% brightness 40W incandescent. Not only higher brightness, but also 3 levels adjustment is provided. Wall Switch Control Support: it remembers the last static colour or dynamic mode you used and stores the last set colour you can set the hours you want to turn off the light.

Cycle timing of (24 hours) is another surprise timing option. We can install the light in the courtyard, the court and the corridor, and set the cycle time (24 hours). It is environmental friendly and energy-saving as equivalent to 100% brightness of a 40W incandescent. One-button night light function can directly provide darker lights to meet sleep needs.

Highlighted Features:

  • This is a remote-controlled and colour-changing LED RGB light bulb. It fits multi-purpose in life. It has a beam angle of up to 270 degrees, 450 lumens, 85CRI super high display. 
  • The light has 12 colour to choose from, 3 levels of brightness to adjust, which provides setting on various light effects fulfilling different environmental needs and reflecting different moods. 
  • Two lighting modes allow you to set up the appropriate atmosphere anytime to bring you a better visual experience. Flash mode gives you a stage effect when enjoy concert or stage performances, 
  • This light bulb can memory the last color or mode we used. Synchronization is a revolutionary innovation for environments where multiple light bulbs are used together, such as fan lights, bar lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, and more. 
  • Timing function: Number of hours to turn off the light automatically can be set. Cycle timing of (24 hours) is another surprising timing option. We can install the light in the courtyard, the court and the corridor, and set the cycle time (24 hours). 

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4. 24 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb

24 Pack A19 LED Light Bulb

Energetic LED bulbs are very solid replacements for 60 watt incandescent lamps. They are approximately the same size and shape as standard incandescent lamps, so there’s no worrying about whether this will fit into a particular lampshade or fixture.

Provide great contrast among colors: Great choice for any bathrooms, kitchens and basements. Long-Lasting Performance: Each bulb offers a lifespan of 15,000 hours Instant Brightness: Each bulb in this pack provides light for full brightness in an instant.

Daylight can make you feel more alert, which makes it ideal for task lighting in home offices. If you read often, the bluer color will provide contrast against the printed text on the page. It is also a good choice for laundry rooms, or kitchens where a blue-white light might provide better contrast against cooked food or clothing. (5000K).

2 YEAR WARRANTY! If there is any quality problem of our light or you are not satisfied with your purchase in our store, please kindly contact us and we provide a No-question-asked return or refund service.

Highlighted Features:

  • ?24 Pack, light bulbs 60 watt equivalent, E26 base, 5000K daylight, non-dimmable, A19 shape, AC-120V, CRI 80, 220 degree, turn on instantly.
  • ?Save up to 85% on energy costs by replacing 60W with just 8.5W, average 15,000 hours, up to 13.6 years(3 hours per day).
  • ?Perfect replacement for incandescent light bulbs. No breakable parts and are free of toxic chemicals, they are safe for your family and the environment.
  • ?No flicker, no dazzle, meanwhile very healthy to your eye. No lead or mercury, no IR radiation.
  • Not eligible for shipments to California

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5. Light Efficient Design Led-8039E40-A Bollard

Light Efficient Design Led-8039E40-A Bollard

Product Features • Enclosed Fixture Safe: Up to 122 degrees F • UL1598C: Fixture retains original UL after retrofitting on all Mogul and medium base • Dual Stage MOV Protection: Safe from common surges • Fan

Temperature Control: Resulting in longer, brighter life • Potted Driver: Protects electronics against moisture and vibration • Low “Noise” Interference: Passes FCC testing • Best Quality LED Chips: Certified with 80+ CRI • Damp

Rated: Able to withstand humid environments • Particle Protection: Keeps particles and bugs away from critical components • Multi-Directional Mounting: Retrofits can be mounted base up, down or horizontal • Pretested

Drivers: Burnt in 3 times before shipping to ensure quality • 5-Year Limited Specifications • Voltage: 120- • Wattage: WOW • Brightness: 2983 Lumens • Color Temperature: 4000 Kelvin • CRI: 81.8 • Socket: • Light Color:

Natural White • Light Distribution: Omni-directional / 360 degrees • Item Weight: 0.57 lbs. • Operating Temperature: -40 degrees F to +122 degrees F • Dimensions: 6.1″ x 2.6″ • Certification: UL • Led Life: 50,000 hours More Information and Recommendation • We strongly recommend that these LED lights be installed by a licensed electrician. • The ballast needs to be bypassed or removed before installing. • This LED light is not dimmable.

Highlighted Features:

  • Ballast bypass compact design delivers broad, even light distribution when retrofitted into HID Bollard Fixtures
  • Easy to install, reliable retrofits provide an energy savings up to 80%. rotatable base Insures that light output is directed to where it is needed
  • Safety rated and heat tested within fully enclosed Fixtures from -40 to + ambient temperatures
  • Wow LED replaces metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (mps) high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps up to
  • Passive cooling and active temperature control. Integrated ki surge

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6. SEALIGHT H10/9145/9140/9045/9040 LED Fog Light Bulbs

SEALIGHT H10/9145/9140/9045/9040 LED Fog Light Bulbs

Non-polarity plugs can make it fit more vehicle models. Nice beam pattern, powerful light output can uniformly gare at your front road. All-in-one robust design brings better tightness, makes it work well in a rainstorm, snowstorm, haze.

The fitment guide systerm may NOT be 100% accurate OR up to date. If you are not sure your vehicle could fit our fog lights or not, please check your assembly or your owner’s manual. 360-degree illumination: each bulb is equipped with 27 high-power LEDs, and a glass lens helps to project light farther. The 6000K light gives your car an ultra-cool look that matches LED headlights.

Highlighted Features:

  • Fitment: 9145/9140/H10/9045/9040. Can be used as daytime running lights and fog lights, but please note these bulbs are not headlight bulbs , confirm which model you need before purchasing
  • Stable performance: the all-in-one aluminum profile provides exceptional heat dissipation for longer-lasting and stable performance in even the most demanding driving conditions
  • Easy installation: the SEALIGHT 9145 LED fog light bulb is almost same size a halogen bulb and the plug-and-play, non-polarity design makes installation easy. CANbus may be needed for some vehicles
  • Product details: 6000K white light, IP65-rated, extended lifespan of over 30,000 hours, no extra wiring needed, installs in 10 minutes

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7. LED Light Bulbs 100W Equivalent 1500 Lumens

LED Light Bulbs 100W Equivalent 1500 Lumens

Are you annoyed about bulbs with short lifespan and burnt out always. Are you looking for energy-saving bulbs to be more care of our living. Are you hate of bulb just bought few days – not bright as usual and has flicker or strobe issue. Are you looking for low heat – safe for kids even they touch and shatterproof bulbs.

After conducting a lot of research, we found there are many consumer complaints that their dimmable bulbs at the highest brightness are still not bright enough, their lighting fixtures are incompatible with dimmable bulbs and their bulbs always start flickering or buzzing after a few days of using, we decide to produce non-dimmable but super practical bulbs for every consumer. After tireless testing, Brightever 13W A19 LED Bulbs with 1500LM come!

Highlighted Features:

  •  Brightever is always committed to designing high-quality lighting fixtures for consumers and bringing them impressive lighting experience. After tireless testing of quality, our bulbs are absolutely mercury and lead free and no harmful ultraviolet or infrared radiation produced. 
  • Use the latest advanced technology equipped with high lumens LED beads to make up of our a19 led bulbs, you will astonish how bright it is and love it.
  • Our A19 led bulbs are equivalent 100-125 watt incandescent bulbs with only 13W needed, help you save at least 90% electricity bills without undermining any lighting effects. 
  • Offering over 25, 000+ hours – last more 25 times longer than traditional incandescent lights – without any damage or improper use,
  • Easily screw into any kind of light fixture such as floor lamps, pendant lights, wall lantern, table lamps and ceiling fan etc that needs E26 bulb. We highly value the advice and support of consumers.

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8. SYLVANIA LED Light Bulb


With SYLVANIA LED bulbs, light is always 80+ CRI for better color rendition, making greens, reds and blues in your home appear more accurately. Some bulbs emit UV rays which can fade clothing and artwork. With SYLVANIA LED bulbs, there’s no UV or IR radiation. They can last up to 10 years when used for 3 hours a day, making maintenance-free installation a bright idea. The long lifespan is helpful when bulbs are in hard-to-reach places.

These LED light bulbs have an output of 5000 Kelvin, which produce a cool white daylight color to ensure that your home is always bright and well-lit. This light is great for areas where you want to be productive and focused like a home office or kitchen

Highlighted Features:

  • These LED light bulbs are a great replacement for 100-Watt incandescent bulbs because they can last up to 10 years (when used for 3 hours a day). This means less trips up the ladder to replace them if used in high, hard-to-reach areas.
  • These require less energy and can save you up to 85% on your energy bill.
  • When you flip the switch, the LED light bulbs light up instantly with a full 800 Lumens of brightness.
  • These are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms or even outdoors..

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9. Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs

Linkind Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulbs

Embellish the look of any room in your home with Linkind LED dimmable light bulbs. These high quality, high-performance LED lights turn on instantly to provide beautifully soft and warm light. UL Listed and FCC certification. With standard E26 Medium Screw Base, the bulbs fits most fixtures. Just screw them into fixtures directly. Widely used in the home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, offices, hospital, schools, factories, etc.

Linkind 9.5W LED light bulbs give out the same brightness of 60W incandescent light bulb, save up to 85% energy. Long life span with 15000 hours, or more than 13 years, reduces the expanse of frequent bulb changes. Smooth dimming capabilities from 10%-100%. From bright, soft white light to a warm, ambient glow, these bulbs give you just the right amount of light with no flickering, humming, or buzzing.

Highlighted Features:

  • ✔ This value pack comes with 6 bulbs, each with 800 lumens of light output. With CRI80+, they provide you with the vivid color and close-to-sunlight quality light. 
  • ✔Linkind A19 LED light bulbs can last for at least 13 years based on 3hrs/day of use. With Energy Star certification, it provides up to 85% energy saving by replacing 60W with 9.5W. 
  • ✔ Compatible with most LED dimmers to have smooth dimming ranging from 10% to 100%. 2700K soft and warm white. Dim to create your favorite brightness to control the look and feeling of your space. 
  • ✔Turns on instantly, no warm up time, 2700K, 120V, 230° beam angle, perfectly and widely used in the home indoor lighting, hotel, meeting room, offices, hospital, schools, factories and more, 
  • ✔ UL Listed and FCC certification to guarantee world-class quality. No mercury. 

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10. LED Corn Light Bulb 3000K

LED Corn Light Bulb 3000K

Light Bulb Bases Types:E26 med base LED bulb. E26 Corn LED 150 200 watt led light bulb. LED Color: Warm White Intensity: 2000 LM Dimmable: NO Model: LED Corn Bulb. Wattage: 20watts Incandescent Equivalent: 150 -200 watts. Input Voltage: 85-265V Beam Angle: 360 degrees. Color Temperature: 3000K Life Span: 30000 hours Extremely long life led celight light, Plug and play, saving labor and electricity cost.

Made of high quality materials, E26 LED Bulbs reduce the risk of fire hazard, electric shock and personal injury, making them safe for you and your family. Ceramic chip base and aluminum block are used raw materials. The Aluminum is carved directly, making the bulb easier to heat dissipation. High brightness and low power. Package: 2 pieces (Not Dimmable 20W LED E26 Chandelier Light)

These E26 led bulbs are not dimmable and incompatible with dimmer switches. Before purchase, please check the dimension picture carefully to see if the E26 led bulb base fits your fixture. Switch off power before replacement. Avoid direct sunlight and high temperature. Indoor use only. This bulb is non waterproof non-dimmable. If you have any problems with the installation or use of this led bulbs, please consult a competent electrician.

Highlighted Features:

  • Candelabra base E26 medium based bulb.(measure the base in millimeters)26mm.E27/E26 LED Corn Lamps 20W 2000LM (Super Brightness), Warm White 3000K , No Flickering & No Hum, Not Dimmable.
  • 360 degrees beam angle with overload protection, Short circuit protection and over temperature protection. High brightness and low power consumption provide over 30,000 hours life span.
  • The LED Corn bulbs Replace 150-200w Incandescent Bulbs by 20W LED. Larger area, and brighter, Strong color rendering (CRI 85+).
  • Perfect for use in restaurant, bedroom, showrooms, bars, coffee bars, clubs, dining room, showcase, malls, art rooms, museums bathrooms and hallways in your table and floor lamps, pendant fixtures or ceiling fixtures. create a cozy and bright environment similar to halogen bulbs.
  • If there is any quality problem occurs during this period, we will replace with new product and send to you for free. NOTES:NOT Dimmable, the switch should be not dimmable.

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