Top 5 Best 4 Slice Toaster: Editor Recommended

The 10 Best 4 Slice Toaster Reviews:

1. Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4-Slice toaster

Cuisinart CPT-180P1 Metal Classic 4-Slice toaster

Cuisinart Metal Classic Toaster. Cuisinart’s Metal Classic Toaster has a smooth brushed stainless housing with polished chrome and black accents. Its custom controls let you defrost and toast bagels and bread just the way you want them Press any of the four buttons, bagels, reheat, defrost and cancel, to fit your toasting needs.

The browning control sets the desired toast color from light to dark, with six browning levels. Product Features Smooth brushed stainless housing with polished chrome and black accents Custom control: 6-setting browning dials, dual reheat, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators 1-1/2-inch wide toasting slots Extra-lift carriage lever Slide-out crumb tray Convenient cord wrap Instruction book Limited 3-year warranty Toasting Tips Toasting is a combination of cooking and drying of the bread.

Therefore, differences in moisture level from one bread to another can result in varying toasting times. For slightly dry bread, use a lower setting than you normally would. For very fresh bread or whole wheat bread, use a higher setting than normal. Breads with very uneven surfaces (such as English muffins) will require a higher toast setting.

Thickly cut pieces of bread (including bagels) will take longer to toast, sometimes significantly longer, since more moisture must be evaporated from the bread before toasting can occur. Very thick pieces may require two cycles. Cleaning and Maintenance Always allow the toaster to cool completely before cleaning.

Do not use abrasive cleansers. Simply wipe the exterior with a clean damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Apply any cleansing agent to a cloth, not to the toaster, before cleaning. To remove crumbs, slide out the crumb tray and discard crumbs. Wipe clean and replace. Never operate the toaster without the crumb tray in place.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual control panels make this two toasters in one with smooth Brushed Stainless housing
  • Custom control: 6-setting browning dials, dual reheat, defrost and bagel buttons with LED indicators
  • 1-1/2 inch – wide toasting slots, Extra-lift carriage lever, slide-out crumb tray and convenient cord storage
  • Instruction book included. BPA Free
  • Actual unit dimensions: 11. 15″ L x10. 65″ W x7. 5″ H

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2. Toaster 4 Slice, Gevi Stainless Steel Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Gevi Stainless Steel Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

4-Slice Toaster with Stainless Steel have all the features you need, let you make breakfast for the whole family as needed easily and make as much toast as you need quickly.

Toaster is designed with powerful performances, according to personal preferences, controlling the state of toasts for ideal results with three options, and a cancel button lets you quickly pop up toast.

4 Extra-Wide Bread Toasting Slots with Double Independent Control. 7 Toast Browning Settings, meet all your family different needs. Basic Selections of Defrost, Reheat & Cancel. Removable Crumb Trays for easy cleaning Humanized Design Carriage Handles, pop up when finished toasting. Stainless Steel housing, Fashion and High Grade Rated Voltage: 120V~ 60Hz, Rated Power: 1500W, United Stated Standard.

Removable crumb tray is nice to keep crumbs from building up over time to wash and clean easily. Slide out Crumb Trays for keeping a clean and tidy operation environment, the slidable crumb trays help to gather and remove crumbs and avoid the troublesome steps from cleaning the inside of the toaster.

Stainless steel metal design, fashion and compact. It only takes two or three minutes to bake the bread and the extra wide slot is designed to bake different sizes of bread. Four toasting slots with two independent units,

When you select one of the three basic functions, the corresponding function key will be prompted by LED light. At the bottom of the toaster there are two removable toasters for easy cleaning and the bottom of the toaster can receive wires for easy storage. one handle controls two slots and four slots can be controlled independently or together. You may choose both combinations that you like and make as much toast as you need in one time. Be faster and more convenient!

Highlighted Features:

  • Two rotatable selector knobs controls are placed each side of the toaster. It heats the bread evenly and to get the favorable toasting color results for individual preferences, 7 degree and time of baking can be set, choose different degree according to the thickness of bread. 
  • Three buttons for the functions of Defrost, Reheat & Cancel. ( Cancel: Stops all toasting operation while working; Defrost: Toasts frozen bread throughout; Reheat: Reheats the cold bread. ) Easily pressing the rounded buttons 
  • There are two carriage handles with independent control on each side, while the bread have been toasted to the preset color, carriage handles will automatically restore to original position. 
  • Dual Independent Control Panels It equivalent to 2 toasters, prepare breakfast twice fast than a 2-slice toaster! Easy to Clean with Removable Crumb Tray!

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3. Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic 4 Slice Long Toaster

Elite Gourmet ECT-3100 Maxi-Matic 4 Slice Long Toaster

The Stainless Steel Long Slot 4 Slice Toaster can toast a wide variety of your favorite breads. The large toasting slot can accommodate for longer, rectangular slices of bread such as sourdough or other artisanal loafs.

It features 6 variable toast shade settings as well as Cancel, Defrost, and Reheat functions all encased in a sleek, modern, stainless steel housing. The extra long space saving design easily fits 4 slices of toast while not cluttering your countertop.

 WARRANTY and US Based Customer Support Team lets you buy with confidence. Call or email us, live chat with us, the Maxi-Matic support team responds quickly to all questions and requests

Highlighted Features:

  •  SLOTS to fit extra thick slices of bread products such as Texas Toast, bagels and specialty breads.
  • LEVELS to select the perfect browning shade for your bread. From slightly warm to dark and crunchy.
  • FUNCTION allows you to easily reheat and warm previously toasted breads quickly at a lower temperature without burningv
  •  BUTTON lets you quickly cancel and release the toast in the middle of the toasting cycle.
  •  GUIDES automatically grabs onto the bread when the lever is compressed, it centers the bread so each side is evenly toasted.
  • TRAY easily releases from the bottom of the toaster for quick and easy cleanup of crumbs and debris.

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4. Proctor Silex 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Proctor Silex 4-Slice Extra-Wide Slot Toaster

Tested. Proven. – it’s not just a tagline, it’s what has lead our product development for decades. Every Proctor Selex appliance begins its journey in our engineering Lab. Motors rotate, switches turn and mechanical arms spin for days on end, testing Each function and feature.

Then it’s off to the test kitchen, where the staff uses the product much like you would – cooking and creating to ensure it will make your life A little easier. Only when an appliance passes our rigorous testing do we know it’s ready for its final test – Your home.

Use the shade selector to make lighter or darker toast. Choose from 7 toast shades. Simply press the cancel button to stop the toast cycle and get your toast. No need to wait!

Highlighted Features:

  • Wider than the slots on many 4 slice toasters, the toast slots on this Hamilton Beach toaster are extra wide to easily fit thicker breads like Texas toast and bagels.
  • The Toast Boost feature on the 4 slice toaster lifts smaller breads like English muffins so they’re easier to retrieve after toasting.
  • Conveniently remove and discard crumbs from the bottom of the bread toaster with the pullout crumb tray, so they don’t end up on your countertop.
  • The built-in cord wrap in the base of the toaster makes it easy to neatly store the toaster when it’s not being used.
  • The toaster automatically shuts off at the end of the cycle if toast gets jammed

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5. BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster

Color:Black Make breakfast for the whole family with the BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster. The extra-wide slots with self-adjusting guides can handle thick bagels and artisan breads, and the high-lift lever puts everything easily in reach.

Bagel and frozen options control the length of toasting for ideal results, and a cancel button lets you quickly pop toast. Plus, the slide out crumb trays make cleanup simple. Two shade selector knobs control each side of the toaster so you can find the right results for everyone’s tastes. The selector knobs range from

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 Extra-Wide Toasting Slots – Make everyone’s favorites! Four toasting slots with independent controls let you make as much toast as you need—fast!
  • Frozen, Bagel & Cancel Buttons – Easy function buttons give you perfect toasting for frozen items, bagels, and more
  • Extra Lift – The levers lift toast safely into reach. One lever for each half of the toaster
  • Slide Out Crumb Trays – Keep the counter clean and the kitchen smelling fresh. Dual crumb trays let you remove crumbs before they burn or mess up your kitchen

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6. Toaster 4 Slice, KitchMix Bagel Stainless Toaster

Toaster 4 Slice, KitchMix Bagel Stainless Toaster

The Perfect Match for Your Stylish Kitchen. KitchMix 4 slice toaster gets a modern and luxurious update with the Compact Toaster. The 4 slice toaster features for attractive everyday style. It also brings retro classic design to your home and delivers performance with powerful features such as cancel, bagel and defrost functions. 1.5 inch wide slot perfect for different kinds of slices.

Toaster 4 slice makes 2 toasters in one to save your time for toasting. Suitable for home use. This 4 slots toaster is made of sturdy and durable stainless steel for long term use 6 shading settings with bagel, defrost and cancel function can meet all your needs.

Bagel warms the outside and toasts the inside of bagels. Defrost toasts frozen bread longer to ensure consistent results. Reheat allows for reheating toast so it warms without added browning. Cancel ends the toasting at any time

Highlighted Features:

  • This stainless steel toaster with LCD screen allows you view the toasting process better; Dual independent control panels allow for different settings at the same time, which meet different individual taste
  • The lever of this 4 slice toaster can be lifted higher to reach the toasted breads .You can push the products higher than they naturally sit after popping
  • 1.5” wide slot allow you to make bread, bagels, waffles and english muffins (No oily or watery food); 6 shade settings can also meet your different taste
  • This black toaster has 2 removable trays to collect the crumbs, and they can be easily removed and cleaned

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7. YIOU Toaster 4 Slice, Stainless Steel 4 Slice Toaster


YIOU Toaster 4 Slice, the modern stainless steel toaster can be a better bread toaster for you. The stylish black toaster has 4 founctions of reheat, defrost, cancel and bagel, makes it a bagel toaster for those bagel-fav people, the 4 slice toaster is compact enough for those people who like compact toaster, even can be as a mini toaster and small toaster. With the 4 slot toaster’s excellent evenlly toast ability, it can be toaster the best 4 slice

With the 6-levels adjustable browning control YIOU 4 Slice Toaster meets your individual needs as you can customize different browning and crispness, also the evenly distributed heating tube ensures the bread heated evenly.

Highlighted Features:

  • YIOU Toaster 4 Slice owns 2 independent control panels which enables you toast different types of bread with different browning levels in one time. In addition, its stainless steel surface stays cool for safe
  • YIOU Toasters Bagel/Defrost/Reheat/Cancel. Bagel for toasting 1 side of your bagel only. Defrost for defrosting then toasting your frozen bread. Reheat for warming the cold bread. Cancel for stopping toasting at any time
  • YIOU 4 Slice Toaster has extra wide toasting slots which are 1.5’’, fits any kind of bread you like, for thick & thin bread such as French Toast / Bagels / Muffins / Frozen Pancakes / Toaster Pastries
  • YIOU Toaster 4 Slice has a removable crumb tray that collects bread crumbs and debris, the slide-out design is for easy cleaning. The 40” power cord can be storage into the bottom of the toaster

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8. IKICH Toaster 4 Slice, Toaster 2 Long Slot Stainless Steel

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IKICH Long Shot Toaster 2 Slices: One time for 4 Slices, such as muffins, sandwich bread, Pullman loaf, ect; 2 Pieces of Longer & Larger breads, such as artisan breads, sourdough breads. KICH Stainless Steel Bread Toaster is engineered with a warming rack for ultimate convenience.

Simply press down the lift lever, the pop-up toaster rack allows for easily warming of buns, pastries, croissant, rolls, etc. The toaster will stay cool to the touch while toasting, no longer worrying about burning your finger.

6 variable browning control allows you select the level of doneness you prefer, from 1 (light) to 6 (dark). Defrost is useful for frozen slices of bread; Reheat function lets you warm toast quickly without burning it; When your items are done, simply press the Cancel button to end toasting at any time.

Longer Build-in Warming Rack & 3 Smart Functions: Just push down the back lift lever, the warming rack pops up for you to reheat any pastry conveniently or heat rolls and croissants. Reheat, Defrost and Cancel extremely meet all your daily toast needs

Highlighted Features:

  • IKICH Long Shot Toaster, One time for 4 Slices, such as muffins, sandwich bread, pullman loaf, ect. Or sometimes 2 Pieces of Longer & Larger breads, such as artisan breads, sourdough breads
  •  1. Dry Out the bread 2. just a Little Light browning Setting 3. Golden browning Setting 4. Deep Lighter browning Setting 5. Dark browning Setting 6. Deep Darker browning
  • Relatively small and compact 4 slice toaster that will fit well on your kitchen counter without occupying too much space
  • IKICH Stainless steel toaster ,bread crumbs are collected in a removable tray at the bottom of the toaster, just pull it out and clean the crumbs immediately

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9. REDMOND 4 Slice Toaster Retro Stainless Steel Toasters

Toaster Retro Stainless Steel Toasters

REDMOND 4 slice toaster gets a modern and luxurious update with the Compact Toaster. The 4 slice toaster features a sleek cream/red/white/dark green appearance for attractive everyday style.

It also brings retro classic design to your home and delivers performance with powerful features such as cancel, bagel and defrost functions. 1.5ich wide slot perfect for different kinds of slices. Toaster 4 slice makes 2 toasters in one to save your time for toasting. Suitable for home use.

The extra-wide 1.5 inch slots can accommodate a variety of bread types, such as bagel, white jam bread, sandwich, waffle, muffin etc. Bagel Setting heats the upper half of the bagel only for a crispy top and a soft, chewy bottom. If you enjoy a bagel that is crispy on both sides, no need to engage the bagel button.

1.5 inch Extra-Wide Slots: REDMOND 4 slice toaster comes with food grade 18/8 stainless steel body. 1.5inch 4 slot extended heating surface allows for a wide variety of items to be toasted such as waffle, Muffin, bagel, etc.

Highlighted Features:

  • 6 Shade Settings: 6 level adjustable brown settings from light to dark to meet everyone’s taste, 1650W high power & 360°baking mode will toast on both sides evenly and get hot fast
  • Basic Toasting Features: 3 Basic functions with Bagel/Defrost/Cancel. Solid high lift lever, fulfill different tastes at the same time. It would pop up automatically when bread is ready. More safer
  • Easy to Use & Clean : This 4 slice toaster makes 2 toasters in one to save your time for toasting. You can make your breakfast more easily. 2 removable crumb trays make cleaning quickly and cord wrap storage makes no mess
  • Warranty: End User Preferred/ ETL certificated, our worry-free 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. A great gift for housewarming, Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc.

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10. Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach Extra Wide Slot Toaster

Hamilton Beach extra-wide slot toaster bagel setting toasts the cut side, warms the round side. With the Hamilton Beach extra-wide slot toaster, toasting bread is just the beginning. Extra-wide slots make it ideal for bagels, English muffins or slices of artisan bread.

A special bagel setting lets you toast The cut side, while Warming the outside. Bring frozen waffles or pancakes to a warm, golden finish with the defrost button, which thaws then toasts the food. The 4-Slice toaster is simple to use with a toast boost feature that gives breads a high lift for removal.

And the automatic shutoff will turn the toaster off at the end of its cycle, even if food gets jammed. With brushed stainless steel accents and illuminated buttons, This toaster will look great on your countertop.

And removal is easy with the toast boost feature, which lifts food higher when done. Bagel technology toast only one side, while Warming the outside, of a cut bagel, English muffin or bun with the bagel setting.

Multifunctional for busy mornings with toasting functions including bagel, defrost as well as a shade selector, The Hamilton Beach extra-wide slot toaster lets you easily toast up a variety of breakfast favorites in just a push of a button.

Highlighted Features:

  • 4 slice toaster has large slots to easily fit bagels and Thick slices of artisanal, in addition to smaller favorites like English muffins and frozen waffles.
  • 4 slice capacity
  • Bagel setting – toasts the cut side, warms for the round side
  • High-lift toast boost makes it easier to reach small slices
  • Adjustable shade selector for perfect toast batch after batch
  • Material Type: Plastic

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